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Main Event: eBay to cut 1,600 jobs
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10-06 eBay to cut 1,600 jobs eBay
C. 10-06 'Safer' test developed for Down's Stanford
D. 10-06 Dish's TiVo Appeal Rejected Alviso


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Morning News

Oct.6   eBay   eBay to cut 1,600 jobs
  eBay will cut about 10% of work force in an attempt to streamline its business and plans to get rid of several hundred temporary workers

Day News

  Stanford   'Safer' test developed for Down's
  University test of DNA evidence in 18 pregnant women's blood correctly identified 9 cases of Down's syndrome
 Scientists have figured out a way to test for major chromosomal defects using a simple blood test

  Alviso   Dish's TiVo Appeal Rejected  TiVo's patent battle with Dish Network turned in favor of TiVo when the Supreme Court declined to take up Dish Network's appeal

Evening News

  East Oakland Woman's Body Found In Oakland Estuary  66-year-old Kitty Paul is the victim of a possible drowning who was pulled out of the Oakland-Alameda Estuary

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