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Main Event: Palin Appearing At GOP Fundrais...
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10-05 Palin Appearing At GOP Fundraiser Burlingame
C. 10-05 Pritchard, Stanford Edged Out By Notre D Stanford
D. 10-05 Pleasanton's Creamer Wins LPGA Half Moon Bay


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Morning News

Oct.5   Burlingame   Palin Appearing At GOP Fundraiser
  Republican vice presidential candidate was slated to attend a political fundraiser with more than 1,000 people paying as much as $2,500 each
 Republican vice presidential candidate defended her claim that Barack Obama 'pals around with terrorists,' saying the Democratic presidential nominee's association with a 1960s radical is an issue that is 'fair to talk about'

  Stanford Pritchard, Stanford Edged Out By Notre D  Clausen threw for a career-high 347 yards and 3 touchdown passes and Notre Dame held on for a 28-21 victory over Stanford

Day News

  Google Google And Yahoo Ad Deal Delayed  Google agreed to delay the start of a Web advertising partnership, giving U.S. antitrust regulators more time to review the deal.

Evening News

  Candlestick   Patriots Pull Out 30-21 Win Over 49ers  Niners retire famed QB Steve Young's jersey. Faulk rushed for two scores and the Patriots won in SF for the first time in franchise history

  Half Moon Bay Pleasanton's Creamer Wins LPGA  Paula Creamer calmly won her biggest LPGA Tour title yet, holding off a large pack to win the Samsung World Championship

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