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12-01 600 properties listed below $100,000 Bay Area
C. 12-01 Chiefs Beat Raiders 20-13 Coliseum
3. 12-01 BART Extension Challenge To Be Heard San Francisco
4. 12-01 Chevron clear in Nigerian shootings Chevron
F. 12-01 Man struck and killed by Amtrak train Huntwood Avenue and Harder Road, Hayward
G. 12-01 Southern California Holds Off USF, 74-69 USF


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Morning News

Dec.1   Bay Area   600 properties listed below $100,000
  Prices dipped that low as banks became increasingly eager to unload huge inventories of foreclosed homes

  Coliseum   Chiefs Beat Raiders 20-13  Leggett scooped up a fumble on a fake field goal attempt to help Kansas City beat Oakland 20-13 and snap a seven-game losing streak

  Yahoo   Yahoo-Microsoft talks denied  An article appeared in the Times of London stating that Microsoft has restarted talks to buy Yahoo's search business for $20 billion

Day News

  San Francisco   BART Extension Challenge To Be Heard  A private group announced that they want the county to do a manual vote recount. Measure B would impose a 1/8-cent sales tax

  Chevron   Chevron clear in Nigerian shootings  A federal jury cleared Chevron Corp. of wrongdoing in the shootings of villagers who occupied an offshore barge in 1998

  Hayward   Man struck and killed by Amtrak train Map of Huntwood Avenue and Harder Road Hayward  The preliminary indication is that that the victim was lying on the tracks and the death was intentional

Evening News

  USF   Southern California Holds Off USF, 74-69  Lewis scored a career-high 26 points and USC rallied over the final eight minutes

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