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Crime Main Event: Teen Escapes After Kidnap,...
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10-31 Teen Escapes After Kidnap, Sex Assault 500 Arastradero Road, Palo Alto
2. 10-31 2-Year-Old Boy, Grandmother Shot First Street and MacDonald Avenue, Iron Triangle
D. 10-31 $10 million from Dow Chemical Foundation UC Berkeley
4. 10-31 Possible life sentence in shooting officer Berkeley
F. 10-31 Big Aftershock, Tremor Warning East San Jose
G. 10-31 Thompson Stumps In SF San Francisco
H. 10-31 Police Presence Spooks Revelers was once home to the largest halloween street, SF Castro
8. 10-31 Shooting claimed life 8th and Adeline street, West Oakland
J. 10-31 Stock Breaks $700 A Share Google


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Morning News

Oct.31   Palo Alto   Teen Escapes After Kidnap, Sex Assault Map of 500 Arastradero Road Palo Alto
  A 17-year-old girl who was reportedly kidnapped before being sexually assaulted managed to escape from the suspect's car in Sunnyvale
 Between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m., an attacker approached the girl near Henry M. Gunn High School as she was walking home. The suspect hit the teen in the face several times and dragged her into his vehicle

  Iron Triangle   2-Year-Old Boy, Grandmother Shot Map of First Street and MacDonald Avenue Richmond  Suspects in a minivan fired several shots at two male. The suspects missed their intended targets and instead wounded others

  UC Berkeley   $10 million from Dow Chemical Foundation  The money will go to research on ideas and products designed to minimize harm to future generations

  Berkeley   Possible life sentence in shooting officer  38-year-old Howard Street is being convicted of shooting officer Darren Kacalek more than two years ago

Day News

  East San Jose   Big Aftershock, Tremor Warning
  State officials warned of the increased probability of a damaging earthquake along the Calaveras or Hayward faults

  San Francisco   Thompson Stumps In SF Map of and driver%27s licenses for illegal immigrants during a San Francisco  Presidential hopeful reiterates his positions on topics such as the Iraq war and driver's licenses for illegal immigrants during a campaign stop

Evening News

  SF Castro   Police Presence Spooks Revelers
Map of was once home to the largest halloween street San Francisco
  A heavy police presence seemed enough to spook revelers away from what was once home to the largest Halloween street party
 Restaurants agreed to close early, public transportation halted nighttime service and sidewalk barricades were discouraging pedestrians from spilling into the road

  West Oakland   Shooting claimed life Map of 8th and Adeline street Oakland  The victim was pronounced dead at the scene at about 9:20 p.m.

  Google Stock Breaks $700 A Share  The stock price propelled by a belief that the search leader will become even more profitable as it plants its products and services in new markets

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