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Accidents Main Event: Prosecutors authorize ...
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10-19 Prosecutors authorize strike Contra Costa County
C. 10-19 City-run drug injection centers considered SF City Hall
D. 10-19 Supervisor Ed Jew Back In Court San Francisco
4. 10-19 Banned Pesticides Still Found In Parks San Jose
5. 10-19 Drugs Not Factor In Acid Vat Drowning Redwood City
6. 10-19 Fire Shuts Down Cereal Factory Oakland


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Morning News

Oct.19   Contra Costa County   Prosecutors authorize strike
  Prosecutors in the county may be walking off the job soon if they don't get the pay raises they're looking for

  SF City Hall   City-run drug injection centers considered  The nation's first legal safe-injection room, where addicts could shoot up heroin, cocaine and other drugs under the nurses' supervision

Day News

  San Francisco     Supervisor Ed Jew Back In Court
  Jew hired a new attorney, and the city's Ethics Commission officially became involved in the case

  San Jose   Banned Pesticides Still Found In Parks  Arsenic, lead and even DDT are still showing up in local parks, decades after their use was banned

  Redwood City   Drugs Not Factor In Acid Vat Drowning  A young worker who died in a vat of sulfuric acid at a factory did not have any alcohol or drugs in his system at the time of his death

Evening News

  Oakland   Fire Shuts Down Cereal Factory  It's likely the California Cereal Products won't be able to operate for perhaps another month

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