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B. 03-09 Gallon averages $3.10 San Francisco
2. 03-09 iPod thieves targeting HS students San Jose
03-09 Coach Suspended For Erasing Records Stanford
E. 03-09 Anger In Over Immigration Raids San Rafael
F. 03-09 Bonds gets 1st spring homer in loss To A's Giants
6. 03-09 Girl, 4, Dies Days After Drive-By Shooting 27744 Seminole Way, Hayward
H. 03-09 Night Parking Fees Criticized San Jose Downtown
8. 03-09 Woman fatally shot 300 Fairgrounds Drive, Vallejo
J. 03-09 Safeway Announces Bread Recall Pleasanton


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Morning News

Mar.9   San Francisco   Gallon averages $3.10  A jump of 34 cents from a month ago but still off the high of $3.36 in May 2006

  San Jose   iPod thieves targeting HS students  The robbers are targeting male high school students, who carry the latest electronic gadgets

Day News

  Stanford   Coach Suspended For Erasing Records
  Swim coach Skip Kenney was suspended with pay for having the records of 5 ex-swimmers deleted from the team's media guide

  San Rafael   Anger In Over Immigration Raids
  About 100 protesters, upset with tactics used by Immigration and Customs Enforcment, held a protest in the Canal neighborhood

  Giants     Bonds gets 1st spring homer in loss To A's
  Bonds is connecting in the fourth inning against Esteban Loaiza in the Giants' 5-3 loss

  Hayward   Girl, 4, Dies Days After Drive-By Shooting Map of 27744 Seminole Way Hayward
  Datasha Wilson is one of two 4-year-old girls shot in the head in what authorities believe was a gang-related

  San Jose Downtown   Night Parking Fees Criticized  A plan to impose a flat $5 fee after 10 p.m. in all city-owned lots downtown amounts to a 'tax on the hospitality industry'

  Vallejo   Woman fatally shot Map of 300 Fairgrounds Drive Vallejo  Sharron Cobb, 34, was fatally shot by a man with whom she had a previous relationship had first fired a gun at him

Evening News

  Pleasanton   Safeway Announces Bread Recall  The customer complaints prompted the supermarket chain to recall several varieties of its store-brand bread

  San Jose 80-Year-Old Struck, Killed Jaywalking  The speed or impairment were not considered factors in the death of a woman, who was killed crossing a road

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