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Main Event: Crash Near USF Campus Kills Dea...
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03-02 Crash Near USF Campus Kills Dean's Wife USF
C. 03-02 Gap Profits Plunge Gap
D. 03-02 Schools Closing Despite Protest Oakland


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Mar.2   Lafayette   4.2 Quake Rocks Bay Area
  An earthquake centered in Lafayette was felt across the Bay Area at 8:40 p.m.
 The epicenter was located about 10 miles underground and blocks away from Acalanes High School on Pleasant Hill Road near Highway 24

  USF   Crash Near USF Campus Kills Dean's Wife  The wife of the dean of the University of San Francisco School of Education died in a collision between two vehicles

  Gap Gap Profits Plunge  Gap Inc.'s fourth-quarter profit fell 35% in a gloomy performance that triggered a recent management purge

  Oakland Schools Closing Despite Protest  Hundreds of students and parents are angry and sad. They pleaded to save 4 schools but the school board voted to close them

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