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Business Main Event: Downed Overhead Wire Af...
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1. 03-16 Port terminal to be transform into winery Oakland
C. 03-16 Man killed Pittsburg
D. 03-16 House Fire Near I-80 Proves Fatal Springwood Court, Rodeo
4. 03-16 Microsoft CEO Talks To Students Stanford
5. 03-16 Chip sales at Intel down 11% Intel
G. 03-16 Louisville Routs Stanford In 1st Round Stanford
03-16 Downed Overhead Wire Affects Muni SF Castro
8. 03-16 CEO's 2006 Compensation Nears $89M Wells Fargo
J. 03-16 One Dead In Crash Middlefield Road and Heritage Court, Atherton


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Morning News

Mar.16   Oakland   Port terminal to be transform into winery Map of a mammoth housing development Oakland  A 180,000-square-foot, historic inth Avenue Terminal building could house several wineries and a mammoth housing development

  Pittsburg   Man killed  A 30-year-old was reported dead at 1:27 p.m.

  Rodeo   House Fire Near I-80 Proves Fatal Map of Springwood Court Rodeo  One person is dead after a two-alarm fire was reported at 6:18 a.m.

  Stanford Microsoft CEO Talks To Students  Steve Ballmer today told a group of MBA students that Google has not had much success in business areas outside advertising

  Intel Chip sales at Intel down 11%  A market research report said revenue at archrival AMD nearly doubled, in part due to an acquisition

  Stanford Louisville Routs Stanford In 1st Round  Louisville got 16 points from both Edgar Sosa and David Padgett to crush Stanford 78-58 in the of the South Region of the NCAA

Day News

  SF Castro   Downed Overhead Wire Affects Muni
  Service on K Ingleside, L Taraval and M Ocean View lines affected by a downed overhead wire west of the Castro station

  Wells Fargo   CEO's 2006 Compensation Nears $89M  Heading toward retirement Richard Kovacevich reaped a $62 million gain from stock options exercised last year

  Atherton One Dead In Crash  Investigators believe drunken driving and excessive speed were to blame for an accident that killed 1 man and injured 2 others

Evening News

  SF Bayview   Shooting Kills 17-Year-Old Map of 5000 Third Street San Francisco  A girl died after she was shot outside a youth center. A group of people were standing on the sidewalk when a car pulled up

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