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Accidents Main Event: Newborn found dead
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03-10 Newborn found dead 1400 65th Avenue, East Oakland
C. 03-10 Commercial Air Service Returns Santa Rosa
3. 03-10 Kaiser Error Blamed For Infant's Death Santa Rosa
E. 03-10 AT&T partnership's report hurts stock Yahoo
5. 03-10 1 dead in crash, driver charged with DUI 3000 Berryessa Road, San Jose
G. 03-10 Rhodes agrees to deal with Raiders Raiders
H. 03-10 Christian Anti-Gay Youth Rally Pac Bell Park
8. 03-10 Died after vehicle crashed 3090 Berryessa Road, San Jose


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Morning News

Mar.10   East Oakland   Newborn found dead
Map of 1400 65th Avenue Oakland
  Was discovered on the 1400 block of 65th Avenue at around 4:36 p.m.

  Santa Rosa   Commercial Air Service Returns  Airlines is starting flight service out the Sonoma County Airport

  Santa Rosa   Kaiser Error Blamed For Infant's Death  Kaiser Permanente is accepting responsibility for a medical error that led to the death of a 7-week-old infant

  Yahoo AT&T partnership's report hurts stock  The shares sank% after a report that its partnership with AT&T to offer co-branded Internet service is in trouble

  San Jose 1 dead in crash, driver charged with DUI  A man suspected of drunken driving plowed into a concrete wall killing his passenger

Day News

  Raiders   Rhodes agrees to deal with Raiders  Running back is agreeing to a 2-year contract with Oakland that could be worth up to $7.5 million

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park   Christian Anti-Gay Youth Rally
  Thousands had gathered for a rally to call for moral change and to decry homosexuality

  San Jose Died after vehicle crashed  18-year-old Long Lam Nguyen was the passenger in a vehicle that was plowing into a concrete wall

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