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Accidents Main Event: Off-Duty Officer Shoot...
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1. 06-21 Fire Burns Warehouse Treasure Island
2. 06-21 3-Alarm Fire At Church 2323 Euclid Ave, Redwood City
06-21 Off-Duty Officer Shoots Man Hayward
E. 06-21 BP Awards $7.5M To For Energy Research Stanford
F. 06-21 Copper Thieves Take Handrails Grand View Drive, Oakland Hills
G. 06-21 A's designate Bradley for assignment Athletics
7. 06-21 Man Killed By Airborne Fire Hydrant 900 98th Avenue, East Oakland


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Morning News

Jun.21   Treasure Island   Fire Burns Warehouse
  The three-alarm fire at an abandoned warehouse is sending smoke into the air above the Bay

  Redwood City   3-Alarm Fire At Church Map of 2323 Euclid Ave Redwood City  The fire was reported at around 2:30 p.m. at the Congregational Church

Day News

  Hayward   Off-Duty Officer Shoots Man
  Man and a female passenger in the car tried to force their way into a home that belong to the parents of a cop who shot the intruder, who later died

  Stanford   BP Awards $7.5M To For Energy Research  University's Program on Energy and Sustainable Development was awarded by the BP Foundation for research pertaining to modern energy markets

  Oakland Hills   Copper Thieves Take Handrails Map of Grand View Drive Oakland  Copper is the key reason why handrails, rain gutters and even gates have been stolen from neighborhoods

  Athletics   A's designate Bradley for assignment  The Athletics is cutting ties with a player who was expected to play an important role on the team this season

Evening News

  East Oakland   Man Killed By Airborne Fire Hydrant
Map of 900 98th Avenue Oakland
  A motorist who swerved and knocked a hydrant tried in vain to save the life of a passerby, who was struck in the face by the airborne hydrant

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