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Software Main Event: Bay Area Home Sales Fal...
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B. 12-20 Baby, 2 Adults Killed in House Fire Emerald Drive, Vallejo
2. 12-20 NetSuite IPO Prices at $26 Per Share San Mateo
D. 12-20 Man suspected in bank robberies San Leandro
E. 12-20 Cosco Busan to resume commerce San Francisco
F. 12-20 Cable cars running after closures SF Downtown
12-20 Bay Area Home Sales Fall 36% Bay Area
H. 12-20 Cosco Busan leaves San Francisco San Francisco
8. 12-20 Regulators approve DoubleClick purchase Google
J. 12-20 Oyster farm faces tough new restrictions Western Marin County


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Morning News

Dec.20   Vallejo   Baby, 2 Adults Killed in House Fire Map of Emerald Drive Vallejo
  The fire was reported just after midnight in a single family home. The bodies were found by firefighters after they entered the building
 A woman who had escaped was rescued from the roof of the two-story structure

  San Mateo   NetSuite IPO Prices at $26 Per Share  NetSuite Inc. is raising $161 million for its online business software service and showering its largest stockholder, Larry Ellison, with still more riches

  San Leandro   Man suspected in bank robberies  Detectives then used video surveillance tape from that heist to link Bradley to a bank robbery in San Leandro in September

  San Francisco     Cosco Busan to resume commerce  A 900-foot container ship collided with a tower of the Bay Bridge in November and released 58,000 gallons of oil into the Bay

  SF Downtown   Cable cars running after closures  The power cables were damaged and cable car service came to a halt at around 8:50 a.m.

Day News

  Bay Area   Bay Area Home Sales Fall 36%
  The Bay Area housing market showed no signs of recovery in November, as sales fell to a nearly 2-decade low
 5,127 new and existing houses and condos traded hands last month, 36.2% from the 8,042 sold in November 2006. Buyers still struggled to find mortgages

  San Francisco     Cosco Busan leaves San Francisco
  The ship responsible has left port is bound for Asia, but Bay Area still dealing with the remnants of 58,000 gallons of thick bunker oil

  Google   Regulators approve DoubleClick purchase
  Federal antitrust regulators approved $3.1 billion acquisition, removing a key barrier to the marriage of two online advertising giants
 Federal Trade Commission closed its high-profile, eight-month investigation by 4-1 vote

  Western Marin County   Oyster farm faces tough new restrictions  Drakes Bay Family Farms must meet tough, new restrictions to keep operating in the sensitive waters of Point Reyes National Seashore

Evening News

  Santa Rosa   Man arrested in deadly highway crash  A man who was involved in a fiery highway crash that killed 5 people has been arrested and booked on 5 felony counts of vehicular manslaughter

  SJ Arena   Sharks Lose To Coyotes In Shootout, 3-2  Doan scored a short-handed goal to tie the game with 41.5 sec. left in regulation and Bryzgalov stopped all three shots in the shootout

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