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Newsom prohibits city using bottled water  Citing environmental concerns, Mayor issued an executive order prohibiting city departments from buying bottled water Newsom Asks Over 100 Staffers To Resign
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  Mayor Newsom's sorry  Mayor was having an affair with a former secretary, who is the wife of a top aide who resigned after confronting Newsom   Supervisor Calls On Mayor To Resign  Jake McGoldrick openly called for Newsom's resignation as controversy swirls around Mayor's personal and public mishaps   Mayor opens re-election headquarter  Gavin Newsom opened his re-election headquarters with an apology to 'someone I care deeply about,' Alex Tourk, 39, Newsom: alcohol got in way of his job  Mayor said he doesn't know if he's an alcoholic Mayor mulls making bus rides free  Newsom is considering whether it would be more cost-effective to provide free bus and streetcar service instead of collecting fares Newsom's Girlfriend Issues Apology  Jennifer Siebel has issued an apology for comments she made on a local political website Newsom: shutdown will hurt restaurants  Mayor says a threat by the city's restaurant owners to shut down for a day to highlight the high cost of doing business wouldn't work Chickens, Yelling Vex Newsom At Meeting  Protesters dressed in chicken suits returned for a town-hall style meeting. Newsom was trying to sell his health care plan Mayor calls for scrutiny in Critical Mass  An altercation during a bicycle ride left the rear window of a minivan carrying five children smashed Newsom Cleared In Tourk Timesheets  City attorney's investigation has cleared Newsom's former paramour of any wrongdoing in her financial dealings with the city Mayor calls cocaine accusation cheap shot
  Mayor's aide resigns after affair

January 2007 ... more > Top ^
  Alex Tourk is revealing he had knowledge about an affair that his wife had with Newsom
 In the midst of an election year, Alex Tourk has announced that he will step down from his post

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June 2007 ... more > Top ^
  Gavin Newsom fired back at Supervisor Chris Daly over Daly's charge that the mayor is hiding a cocaine addiction

September 2007 ... more > Top ^
  Mayor, who faces scant competition in the election, was asking all of his more than 100 political appointees to resign before his first term ends
Sep.21 Chief Fong Points The Finger At Newsom  Police Chief is blaming the mayor's office for the uproar over the Bayview comedy video Sep.25 Mayor Suspends Supervisor Ed Jew
  Gavin Newsom replaced the supervisor with his Deputy Budget Director, Carmen Chu
Sep.30 Newsom Announces Pick For HRC Director  Mayor has nominated Christopher Iglesias for executive director of the Human Rights Commission

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Oct.29 State Of City Speech: SF Making Progress
  Mayor Gavin Newsom gave an upbeat annual address, saying that 'San Francisco is making progress in almost every area'

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Nov.1 Mayor Newsom Casts Absentee Ballot
  Gavin Newsom voted against Proposition E, which would require him to appear monthly before the Board of Supervisors Nov.6 Newsom re-elected as mayor
  The mayor has been re-elected after easily eclipsing a field of candidates that included a colorful cast of characters but no serious rivals.    An early absentee ballot count gives Newsom an insurmountable lead over his nearest opponent. With 45,000 absentee ballots for mayor about 41% of the total votes ...
Nov.7 '2nd term will be as daring as 1st'  Mayor Gavin Newsom acknowledged the expectations surrounding his second when he told supporters his agenda includes initiatives no less dari...

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01-31 Mayor's aide resigns after affair SF City Hall
2. 02-01 Mayor Newsom's sorry SF City Hall
3. 02-06 Supervisor Calls On Mayor To Resign SF City Hall
E. 02-11 Mayor opens re-election headquarter SF City Hall
5. 02-22 Newsom: alcohol got in way of his job San Francisco
6. 03-06 Mayor mulls making bus rides free SF City Hall
H. 03-13 Newsom's Girlfriend Issues Apology San Francisco
I. 03-24 Newsom: shutdown will hurt restaurants SF City Hall

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