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04-05 Teachers Go On Strike Hayward
C. 04-05 Woman killed when car flipped over Lincoln Way and Great Highway, SF Sunset
3. 04-05 Schools Remain Open As Teachers Strike Hayward
E. 04-05 Pipe plant latest factory to come Pittsburg
F. 04-05 Legal action demands turn in immigrants San Jose
6. 04-05 UC Berkeley Admits 10,213 UC Berkeley
H. 04-05 Accidental Shooting Kills 14-Year-Old 600 Oak Street, San Francisco
I. 04-05 Raid yields $16M worth of pot plants Milpitas
J. 04-05 Piazza's oushes A's past Angels Oakland


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Morning News

Apr.5   Hayward     Teachers Go On Strike
  Teachers in Hayward Unified School District set up picket lines at several schools while the district brought in substitutes
 The substitute teachers are trying cover for some 1,300 public teachers expected to walk out. No new talks were schedule between the teachers and district officials

  SF Sunset Woman killed when car flipped over  The driver of the car was unable to negotiate a turn at a high rate of speed and a car carrying 3 people flipped over

Day News

  Hayward   Schools Remain Open As Teachers Strike  Nearly 1,300 Teachers in the Unified School District went on strike, setting up picket lines at all 38 campuses in the 20,000-student district

  Pittsburg   Pipe plant latest factory to come  A joint U.S.-Korea steel-making venture is a $93 million pipe manufacturing plant, in this industry-friendly city

  San Jose   Legal action demands turn in immigrants  An activist attorney wants a judge to compel police to follow state law and turn over to some suspects who might be in the U.S. illegally

Evening News

  UC Berkeley   UC Berkeley Admits 10,213
  370 more than last year have received acceptance letters. Women represent 55% of the admitted students

  San Francisco   Accidental Shooting Kills 14-Year-Old Map of 600 Oak Street San Francisco
  Tamisha Tovie accidentally shot herself in the face at a family gathering

  Milpitas   Raid yields $16M worth of pot plants  2 people, both Mexican citizens, were arrested after authorities confiscated more than 8,000 marijuana plants

  Oakland   Piazza's oushes A's past Angels  Piazza connected against Francisco Rodriguez with two outs in the ninth inning to lift the Athletics over the LA 4-3

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