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B. 04-17 'Ex-Terrorists' Hold Lecture Stanford
C. 04-17 Convicted father gets 38 years Oakland
3. 04-17 1Q profit rises 12% to match forecasts Schwab
E. 04-17 Former Player Convicted Of Robbery SJSU
5. 04-17 1Q profit falls 11%, missing estimates Yahoo
6. 04-17 Chevron Flares Increase In Bay Area Richmond
7. 04-17 Google Plans To Launch Office Software Google
8. 04-17 Partnership with newspaper consortium Yahoo
04-17 Last-minute tax users swamp Intuit Mountain View


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Morning News

Apr.17   Stanford     'Ex-Terrorists' Hold Lecture
  Walid Shoebat and two others who call themselves former terrorists spoke at a controversial lecture admitting to participating in killings

  Oakland   Convicted father gets 38 years  Edward Vincent Ray Jr., 40, convicted of committing a string of Alameda County robberies with his son and daughter

  Schwab   1Q profit rises 12% to match forecasts  An influx of customer deposits helped Charles Schwab Corp. overcome recent market turbulence

Day News

  SJSU   Former Player Convicted Of Robbery  Ellis T. Jones III, 21, faces more than 5 years in prison after being convicted of robbing a pizza parlor at gunpoint

  Yahoo   1Q profit falls 11%, missing estimates  The investors have been betting that the Internet icon had regained its stride after stumbling through much of 2006

  Richmond   Chevron Flares Increase In Bay Area  Richmond refinery has increased its flaring by 80% since 2005 when the Air Quality Management District passed a new limit

  Google Google Plans To Launch Office Software  Google Inc. plans to launch software similar to Microsoft's PowerPoint program

  Yahoo Partnership with newspaper consortium  The publishers of more than 260 U.S. newspapers are hitching online aspirations to Internet powerhouse

Evening News

  Mountain View   Last-minute tax users swamp Intuit
  A flood of last-minute tax filers swamped the servers forcing taxpayers to wait hours for confirmation

  Oracle Arena   Warriors within win of playoff berth  Golden State's win 111-82 over the Mavericks. Harrington assured the fans that their first playoff basketball in 13 years is on the way

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