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Business Main Event: New Wal-Mart Store Opens
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1. 04-11 Facebook Gets Facelift, Adds More Tools Facebook
2. 04-11 Palm readies a Treo with Linux inside Palm
04-11 New Wal-Mart Store Opens Richmond
E. 04-11 Newsom Cleared In Tourk Timesheets SF City Hall
F. 04-11 Group takes potshot at drug scholarships UC Berkeley
G. 04-11 Police sergeant forced to resign San Francisco
7. 04-11 General Manager Resigns BART
I. 04-11 Died after Chevy Suburban overturned ramon and dublin,, San Ramon
J. 04-11 School superintendent held for child porn Marin County


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Morning News

Apr.11   Facebook   Facebook Gets Facelift, Adds More Tools  Mark Zuckerberg, the 22-year-old founder, said that tools designed to make the site's social networking features easier to find and use

  Palm Palm readies a Treo with Linux inside  Palm is planning to introduce a Treo that runs on a Linux operating system in a bid to boost worldwide sales of its smart phones

Day News

  Richmond   New Wal-Mart Store Opens
  Unlike other places in the Bay Area, the store was welcomed with open arms and open wallets. 4,000 people applied for 400 jobs

  SF City Hall     Newsom Cleared In Tourk Timesheets
  City attorney's investigation has cleared Newsom's former paramour of any wrongdoing in her financial dealings with the city

  UC Berkeley   Group takes potshot at drug scholarships  No one's applied yet for scholarships aimed at helping students denied financial aid because of a drug conviction

  San Francisco   Police sergeant forced to resign  Andre Fontenot accused of misusing the department's confidential computer databases, pleaded guilty

  BART General Manager Resigns  Thomas Margro's resignation after a tenure of 10 years and 10 months will prompt a nation-wide search for his replacement

  Highway 680 Died after Chevy Suburban overturned  Southbound Interstate just north of Alcosta Boulevard at the border between San Ramon and Dublin,

Evening News

  Marin County   School superintendent held for child porn
  Craig Benedict Lee, 53, is under investigation for allegedly having more than 100 images of child pornography

  San Jose   Sharks Win Playoff Opener Vs. Nashville
  Rissmiller scored at 11:46 of the 2nd OT, and the Sharks beat the Predators 5-4 after blowing a two-goal lead

  South SF   Funds For South S.F.-Oakland Ferry  Metropolitan Transportation Commission funds for the project approved of $300,000

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