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Business Main Event: Armored Car Guard Kille...
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B. 09-29 Woman killed in car with child Antioch
09-29 Armored Car Guard Killed In Robbery Fruitvale
3. 09-29 BART Breaks Ground On New Station Dublin
4. 09-29 PayPal OKs service settlements eBay
F. 09-29 Elderly Couple Vanishes Near Hayward Hayward


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Morning News

Sep.29   Antioch   Woman killed in car with child  Leticia Maria Fernandez's 7-year-old son was in the car when she was shot. The car had crashed

Day News

  Fruitvale   Armored Car Guard Killed In Robbery
  Anthony Quintero was shot after his truck was robbed of a cash
 The armored truck was parked at the Fruitvale shopping center. A gunman wearing a ski mask jumped into the back of the truck and confronted Quintero inside. The gunman ordered to drive to a remote spot

  Dublin   BART Breaks Ground On New Station
  The station that will be halfway between the Castro Valley and Dublin-Pleasanton stations

  eBay PayPal OKs service settlements  EBay's online payment division has agreed to a $1.7 million settlement with 28 state attorneys general

Evening News

  Hayward   Elderly Couple Vanishes Near Hayward  Donna and Leeroy Fanning left for a dentist appointment and never arrived. Donna picked up her husband at care center

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