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Sports Main Event: Police Remember Fallen Co...
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09-10 Police Remember Fallen Comrades, 9/11 San Francisco
C. 09-10 Schwarzenegger Campaigns At Church East Oakland
D. 09-10 2 people killed in separate shootings North Richmond
4. 09-10 Giants unsure about re-signing Bonds Giants
5. 09-10 San Diego 10, Giants 2 Pac Bell Park
G. 09-10 Woman On Back Of Motorcycle Killed


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Morning News

Sep.10   Highway 85   CHP officer injuried on his way to pursuit Map of California State Route 85 Mountain View
  The officer was on state Highway 85 at El Camino Real when his vehicle crashed into 'multiple things'

Evening News

  San Francisco   Police Remember Fallen Comrades, 9/11
  Hundreds of police officers and firefighters attended an annual mass for those in their ranks who have died

  East Oakland     Schwarzenegger Campaigns At Church
  2 days after apologizing for some remarks about blacks and Latinos, Governor campaigned at African-American church

  North Richmond   2 people killed in separate shootings
  16-year-old boy was shot to death at Fifth Street and Market Avenue in a North Richmond drive-by shooting

  Giants     Giants unsure about re-signing Bonds  Giants owner Magowan vowed to hold off on a decision about bringing back the slugger until after the season

  Pac Bell Park San Diego 10, Giants 2  Williams drove in a run and scored twice

  Highway 280 Woman On Back Of Motorcycle Killed  39-year-old Nektaria Rula Calderon was ejected onto the roadway at the John Daly over-crossing

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