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1. 11-07 3-Alarm Fire Burns San Francisco
2. 11-07 Businesses Damaged In Overnight Fire San Jose
3. 11-07 Motorcyclist killed in freeway
E. 11-07 Campaigning Hard In Mayoral Race San Jose City Hall
F. 11-07 Google ad plan: radio, papers Google
11-07 Reed Leads Chavez To Become Mayor San Jose City Hall


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Morning News

Nov.7   San Francisco 3-Alarm Fire Burns  A structure fire at 43rd Ave. and South El Camino Real near the city's border with Belmont

  San Jose Businesses Damaged In Overnight Fire  The fire in a 2-story commercial building seriously damaged eight businesses

  Highway 880 Motorcyclist killed in freeway  A 62-year-old El Sobrante man lost control of his motorcycle while attempting to avoid a dead dog

Day News

  San Jose City Hall   Campaigning Hard In Mayoral Race  More than 68,000 people voting in the race have turned in their absentee ballots to election headquarters

  Google Google ad plan: radio, papers  The Web giant is expanding to sell offline ads, a plan that could significantly reshuffle old-school media industries

Evening News

  San Jose City Hall   Reed Leads Chavez To Become Mayor
  San Jose Councilman Chuck Reed, a Kansas native, was leading San Jose native who directs education

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