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Crime Main Event: Cheating Involved In Secur...
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11-17 Cheating Involved In Security Contract SFO
2. 11-17 11-Year-Old Thwarted School Kidnapping San Jose
D. 11-17 Disaster Chief Conroy Demoted SF City Hall
E. 11-17 Chronicle announces new printing plant SF Chronicle
F. 11-17 Court Throws Out Raiders $34M Verdict Raiders
6. 11-17 Carjacking Ends In 'Horrific' Crash Sunnyvale
H. 11-17 Company Plans Alleged CIA Terror Flights San Jose
I. 11-17 A's considering Bonds as designated hitter Athletics
9. 11-17 Attempted School Abduction Was Hoax San Jose


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Morning News

Nov.17   SFO     Cheating Involved In Security Contract
  Officials told airport screeners in advance that they were being tested by undercover agents

  San Jose   11-Year-Old Thwarted School Kidnapping
  Later Police Say Attempted Abduction Was Hoax

  SF City Hall Disaster Chief Conroy Demoted  The director of emergency management Annemarie Conroy has been under fire for much of her 2 years as OES chief

  SF Chronicle Chronicle announces new printing plant  The Chronicle has signed a 15-year contract with a Canadian company to print the newspaper at a state-of-the art plant

Day News

  Raiders   Court Throws Out Raiders $34M Verdict
  An appeals court threw out an award to the Raiders over accusations that Coliseum falsely promised a sold-out stadium

  Sunnyvale   Carjacking Ends In 'Horrific' Crash
  6 teenagers were injured, 2 critically, after the car crashed into a stoplight pole after a high-speed chase

  San Jose     Company Plans Alleged CIA Terror Flights  The New Yorker magazine: Jeppesen regularly arranges what they call 'spook flights' for the CIA

Evening News

  Athletics     A's considering Bonds as designated hitter  General manager Beane has had conversations with Bonds' agent Borris about the 42-year-old slugger

  San Jose   Attempted School Abduction Was Hoax  Police said investigators concluded that a girl had invented the story

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