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Accidents Main Event: Sun to Cut Up to 5,000...
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B. 05-31 Writers Challenge Bonds Leak Subpoena SF Chronicle
C. 05-31 Rambus Probing Stock Option Grants Los Altos
3. 05-31 Drunk Driver Hits Pole, Cuts Power Livermore
05-31 Sun to Cut Up to 5,000 Jobs Sun
5. 05-31 120 Firefighters Battled Market St. Blaze SF Downtown
G. 05-31 11-year-old boy shot San Francisco
H. 05-31 Royals 0, A's 7 Coliseum
I. 05-31 100 new printers unveiled HP
9. 05-31 Bomb Squad Blows Up Suspicious Device Oakland Downtown


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Morning News

May.31   SF Chronicle     Writers Challenge Bonds Leak Subpoena  Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams subpoenaed to testify before a federal grand jury

  Los Altos Rambus Probing Stock Option Grants  Rambus Inc., has launched an investigation into how company officials doled out stock options in 2003 and before

  Livermore Drunk Driver Hits Pole, Cuts Power  3,300 PG&E customers lost power when a car crashed into a utility pole

Day News

  Sun   Sun to Cut Up to 5,000 Jobs
  Sun Microsystems planned to reduce 37,500-person work force by 11% to 13% to return to consistent profitability
 The cuts, over the next six months, will cost from $340 million to $500 million over the next several quarters The plan includes selling real estate and exiting leases. It will save from $480 million to $590 million. Chief executive McNealy had argued against more drastic work force reductions

  SF Downtown   120 Firefighters Battled Market St. Blaze
  A 3-alarm fire at an abandoned building closed Market Str. for more than 3 hours and a firefighter was injured

  San Francisco   11-year-old boy shot  The condition of a boy injured in Glen Park area early has improved. 2 more injured

  Coliseum Royals 0, A's 7  Kendall hit his first homer in nearly 2 years

  HP 100 new printers unveiled  Hewlett-Packard introduced more than 100 new cameras, printers that help capture, store and print digital images

Evening News

  Oakland Downtown     Bomb Squad Blows Up Suspicious Device
  Streets near Lake Merrittwere closed after police indicated Victor Padilla might be in possession of a bomb

  San Francisco   Commission Subpoenas Video Producer  Police Commission unanimously voted to subpoena the information on a department computer

  SF City Hall     Mayor: $5.7 Billion Budget Proposal  The proposal includes historic amounts of spending in public safety and programs for children and families

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