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B. 05-28 Kaiser Pharmacists to Strike Oakland
05-28 Bonds passes Ruth, trails only Aaron Pac Bell Park
3. 05-28 Two Dead After Hit By Suspect In Chase East Oakland
E. 05-28 Some Crimes Drop. Homicide Rate Soars Oakland
5. 05-28 3 People Struck By SUV SF Downtown


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Morning News

May.28   SJSU   Missing Student Phones Home
  Jason Shaughnessy called asking to see his grandpa

  Oakland   Kaiser Pharmacists to Strike  Some 1,200 pharmacists are calling on Kaiser to improve staffing levels at its 60 northern California pharmacies

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds passes Ruth, trails only Aaron
  Barry Bonds hit his 715th home run to slip past Babe Ruth during Giants' 6-3 loss to the Colorado Rockies
 'It's a great honor,' said Bonds. He homered off Byung-Hyun Kim in the 4th inning. The ball glanced off a fan's hands, dropped onto an elevated platform beyond the fence, sat for a few minutes before rolling off the roof and into the hands of 38-year-old Andrew Morbitzer,

  East Oakland   Two Dead After Hit By Suspect In Chase
  A suspect crashed into them during a police chase. They were chasing a suspect involved in a sideshow

  Oakland   Some Crimes Drop. Homicide Rate Soars  Fewer robberies and rapes have been reported since the city redeployed officers to increase patrols

  SF Downtown   3 People Struck By SUV  Toyota RAV4 darted out of an alley, struck a taxicab, hit the pedestrians, and slammed into a fire hydrant

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