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Crime Main Event: Town To Seize of Wal-Mart ...
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1. 05-23 5 Shootings, 2 Dead Richmond
2. 05-23 Police Seek 'Unkempt Robber' San Rafael
D. 05-23 Google will offer video ads Google
E. 05-23 Train Crashes Into Abandoned Car San Mateo
05-23 Town To Seize of Wal-Mart Land Hercules
6. 05-23 Fugitive round-up Richmond
H. 05-23 Cards roll past Giants; Bonds still at 714 Pac Bell Park
I. 05-23 Outage Leaves 21,000 Without Power El Cerrito
J. 05-23 Gov. Presides Over Citizenship Ceremony San Francisco


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Morning News

May.23   Richmond   5 Shootings, 2 Dead
  The shootings appear completely unrelated. Two men, both 26, died; a girl is on life support; a boy in critical condition

  San Rafael   Police Seek 'Unkempt Robber'  The man robbed a U-Haul rental office at gunpoint. He showed a rusty, dark-colored revolver

  Google Google will offer video ads  Google Inc. is extending it's influence to another form of Internet marketing

  San Mateo Train Crashes Into Abandoned Car  A Union Pacific Railroad train slammed into a vehicle causing minor damage to the train and track

Evening News

  Hercules   Town To Seize of Wal-Mart Land
  The City Council voted unanimously to pursue using the power of eminent domain to seize 17 acres

  Richmond   Fugitive round-up  Federal agents involved in a national fugitive round-up ended up coming to the help of local police

  Pac Bell Park     Cards roll past Giants; Bonds still at 714  Bonds went 1-for-4 with an RBI single, and Pujols hit a three-run homer

  El Cerrito   Outage Leaves 21,000 Without Power  A widespread power outage knocked out electricty At El Cerrito Plaza BART Station

  San Francisco Gov. Presides Over Citizenship Ceremony  Schwarzenegger proudly recalled the day in 1983 when he became a citizen

  Moraga 2.8 Quake  The epicenter was 4 miles southeast of Moraga

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