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Business Main Event: Bonds moved to 3rd spot...
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1. 05-13 Quantas to fly to Vancouver SFO
05-13 Bonds moved to 3rd spot to wake up bat Pac Bell Park
3. 05-13 KaBoom Concert Prompts Street Closures SF Downtown
E. 05-13 Motorcyclist killed Concord
F. 05-13 Man killed when van crashed Fremont
6. 05-13 Nearly 10% More Tourist Dollars Spent San Francisco
H. 05-13 Bonds Still Stuck At 713 Pac Bell Park
I. 05-13 49-year-woman kidnapped, raped, robbed South SF
9. 05-13 Google, Nokia plan Wi-Fi phone service Google


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Morning News

May.13   SFO Quantas to fly to Vancouver  Qantas Airways will start seasonal flights between SFO and Vancouver with low introductory fares

Day News

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds moved to 3rd spot to wake up bat
  It's a move by manager Alou to try to get Barry Bonds hitting again

  SF Downtown   KaBoom Concert Prompts Street Closures  The 13th annual event kicks off at 4 p.m. at Pier 30/32. Fireworks to start at 9 p.m.

  Concord Motorcyclist killed  

  Fremont Man killed when van crashed  

Evening News

  San Francisco   Nearly 10% More Tourist Dollars Spent
  New statistics reveal the number of tourists visiting San Francisco has risen by 4.1% compared to 2004

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds Still Stuck At 713  Bonds went 0-for-3 with a walk and left the game before the Giants beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-to-5

  South SF 49-year-woman kidnapped, raped, robbed  

  Google Google, Nokia plan Wi-Fi phone service  Google is making its first foray into mobile telephone calls with the largest maker of handheld mobile devices

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