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Politics Main Event: Thousands Of Immigrants...
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B. 05-01 Shootings Leave 2 Teens Dead SF Bayview
2. 05-01 Mayor Urges Students To Stay In School San Jose City Hall
3. 05-01 Immigration Protesters March East Oakland
4. 05-01 Thousands turn out for immigrants rights marched along sunny market street, SF Downtown
F. 05-01 Body Discovered In Park Oakland
G. 05-01 Refinery Mishap Causes Level 3 Warning Rodeo
05-01 Thousands Of Immigrants Turn Out San Jose Downtown
I. 05-01 Brazen Shooting Wounds Three Teens Santa Rosa
J. 05-01 Padres 10, Giants 4 Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

May.1   SF Bayview   Shootings Leave 2 Teens Dead
  A 17-year-old youth was shot to death in Bayview district. A 19-year-old man was fatally shot in the area of Lisbon St.

  San Jose City Hall     Mayor Urges Students To Stay In School  In anticipation of immigration protests, Ron Gonzales is urging students to stay in school

Day News

  East Oakland   Immigration Protesters March
  At least several thousand people marched seven7 to the federal building in a to support for immigration rights

  SF Downtown   Thousands turn out for immigrants rights
Map of marched along sunny market street San Francisco
  Waving flags from Mexico and the United States, many chanting in Spanish, marched along sunny Market Street

  Oakland   Body Discovered In Park  The person appears to be the victim of a homicide in Anthony Chabot Regional Park

  Rodeo     Refinery Mishap Causes Level 3 Warning  A community warning for Rodeo, Tormey, and Crockett was following a power outage at the ConocoPhillips refinery

  San Jose Downtown   Thousands Of Immigrants Turn Out
  50,000 legal and illegals marched peacefully under a blue sky protesting what they call unjust immigration legislation
 People called out battle cries such as 'Si, se puede,' meaning 'Yes, we can,' while waving U.S. and Mexican flags as they trotted down King Rd. Hundreds more stood along the sidelines as the march stretched across 5 lanes

Evening News

  Santa Rosa   Brazen Shooting Wounds Three Teens  The suspects shot at the victims' vehicle twice while pursuing them around the Olive Park neighborhood

  Pac Bell Park Padres 10, Giants 4  Giles was hit by a pitch to start a 7-run 4th inning and capped it with an RBI single

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