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1. 06-06 Shelter-In-Place East Palo Alto
2. 06-06 Capsized Teens Swam Safely To Shore San Mateo Bridge
D. 06-06 Google hoping it's able to Excel Google
E. 06-06 Hewlett-Packard Revises 2Q Profit Upward HP
F. 06-06 County Cracking Down On 'Sideshows' Burlingame
6. 06-06 Man Rescued From Water, Dies Western Marin County
7. 06-06 Construction Truck Crashes Into Home Brisbane
06-06 1 Dead In Officer-Involved Shooting San Francisco
J. 06-06 Triple Shooting, 1 Critically Hurt East Oakland


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Morning News

Jun.6   East Palo Alto   Shelter-In-Place
  An unknown substance was found to be emitting from a hazardous waste company

  San Mateo Bridge   Capsized Teens Swam Safely To Shore  Two boys' boat capsized in the Bay near the Dumbarton Bridge

  Google Google hoping it's able to Excel  Google is to introduce an online spreadsheet service, heightening its competition with Microsoft

  HP Hewlett-Packard Revises 2Q Profit Upward  HP reached a favorable tax settlement with the U.S. government that will cause it to restate profits by $443 million

Day News

  Burlingame   County Cracking Down On 'Sideshows'  A group of law enforcement agencies plans to join forces this Friday to blanket the area and apprehend the culprits

  Western Marin County   Man Rescued From Water, Dies  An 18-year-old was located more than 36 miles west of Point Reyes

  Brisbane Construction Truck Crashes Into Home  The house happens to be the home of the mayor of Brisbane, Campbell Newman

Evening News

  San Francisco   1 Dead In Officer-Involved Shooting
  A reported narcotics suspect was killed in the shooting near Lake Merced and SF State University

  East Oakland   Triple Shooting, 1 Critically Hurt  One victim is reportedly close to death after the shooting occurred in the 9500 block of Olive Street

  Oakland   Brown Projected Dem Primary Winner  Oakland mayor and former governor Jerry Brown edged closer Tuesday in the primary race for attorney general

  San Francisco   Cockfighting Ring Busted  More than 30 fighting birds are in custody after a raid where the owner was allegedly training the birds to fight

  Pac Bell Park   Schmidt equals Giants record with 16 Ks  Schmidt matched a 102-year-old Mathewson's club record in 2-1 victory over the Florida Marlins

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