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Highway Accident Main Event: Monday Morning ...
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06-05 Monday Morning Commute Confusion francisco could cause big delays, Bay Bridge
C. 06-05 Census: Whites Surpass Blacks In City Oakland
D. 06-05 Fire Burns Middle School San Francisco
4. 06-05 Road rager crashes into mausoleum, dies the holy sepulchre cemetery, Hayward
5. 06-05 Highway Fatality Under Investigation
G. 06-05 Bonds Hits #716 In ' 14-2 Win Pac Bell Park
H. 06-05 Suspect Critically Hurt In Police Shooting East Oakland


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Morning News

Jun.5   Bay Bridge   Monday Morning Commute Confusion
Map of francisco could cause big delays San Francisco
  Caltrans warns drivers that new lane reconfigurations off the Bridge into San Francisco could cause big delays

Day News

  Oakland   Census: Whites Surpass Blacks In City
  2004 figures show whites make up 31.7%. Officials expect a major population shift to continue

  Napa   President Declares Disaster In 17 Counties
  Bush declared a federal disaster in 17 NorCal counties struck by storms and flooding in March and April

  San Francisco   Fire Burns Middle School  The fire broke out just after 1:30 A.M. inside a classroom at George Leyva Middle School near the Eastridge Mall

  Hayward   Road rager crashes into mausoleum, dies Map of the holy sepulchre cemetery Hayward  The driver chased another driver, skidded out of control and crashed at the Holy Sepulchre Cemetery

  Highway 280 Highway Fatality Under Investigation  It is not clear whether the person died as the result of a seizure or a traffic accident

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds Hits #716 In ' 14-2 Win
  Niekro had a career-high 4 RBIs in the Giants' win over the Florida Marlins

  East Oakland   Suspect Critically Hurt In Police Shooting  Police say he pointed a rifle at them when officers arrived. He fit the description of a lone suspect in a shooting

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