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Business Main Event: SPCA Captures Tiny Monk...
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1. 06-29 Google to introduce PayPal alternative Google
2. 06-29 Balanced $292 Million Budget Approved Berkeley
06-29 SPCA Captures Tiny Monkey East Palo Alto
4. 06-29 Profit Soars, Stock Drops Palm
5. 06-29 2 drugs set to fight blindness Genentech
G. 06-29 Rangers 1, Giants 2 Pac Bell Park
H. 06-29 Ward Stepping Down As Head Of Schools Oakland City Hall
I. 06-29 Bonds' Trainer Refuses To Testify To Jury San Francisco
J. 06-29 Restaurant operator held in poaching sting San Francisco


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Morning News

Jun.29   Google Google to introduce PayPal alternative  The online payment service will allow people to buy products from a variety of merchants using a single account

  Berkeley Balanced $292 Million Budget Approved  The first time in 4 years that the city has been able to balance its budget without cuts in services or personnel

Day News

  East Palo Alto   SPCA Captures Tiny Monkey
  A man saw a monkey running across his backyard fence. The monkey turned out to be a marmoset

  Palm   Profit Soars, Stock Drops  Strong sales of Treo smart phones. Shares sank more than 8% after a weaker-than-expected outlook

  Genentech 2 drugs set to fight blindness  Genentech may charge a steep price for Lucentis

  Pac Bell Park Rangers 1, Giants 2  Vizquel hit a go-ahead single with 2 outs in the 8th inning

Evening News

  Oakland City Hall   Ward Stepping Down As Head Of Schools
  The state-appointed head of the Oakland Unified is leaving his post to become San Diego County's superintendent

  San Francisco     Bonds' Trainer Refuses To Testify To Jury
  Greg Anderson could be sent back to prison if found in contempt of court for refusing to testify

  San Francisco   Restaurant operator held in poaching sting  Bao Zhang, owner of Bob's Sushi, in custody suspected of illegally selling abalone and sturgeon

  Foster City   Overhang Collapses At Hotel  A large overhang that shields arriving guests from the elements at the Crowne Plaza Hotel began to collapse

  Redwood City Shutterfly Files For IPO  The online photography site registered for an initial public offering of up to $92 million in common stock

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