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1. 06-25 Fatal hit-and-run collision SF Downtown
06-25 100ís Of Thousands For Pride Parade SF Downtown
3. 06-25 Man shot to death West Oakland
E. 06-25 Bonds tweaks knee. A's win over Giants Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

Jun.25   SF Downtown Fatal hit-and-run collision  Medical Examiner's office identified the victim as Mark Craite, resided in Phoenix, Ariz.

Day News

  SF Downtown   100ís Of Thousands For Pride Parade
  People wearing elaborate costumes and waving banners marched in this city's 36th annual Gay Pride parade
 Thousands in multi-colored wigs and face paint rattled noise makers, blew whistles and cheered. National corporations were conspicuously present

Evening News

  West Oakland   Man shot to death  The shooting in the head occurred around 2:30 pm

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds tweaks knee. A's win over Giants  Loaiza stuck it out to pitch his first complete game in more than 2 years, leading the Athletics to a 10-4 victory

  Petaluma   Historic Building Destroyed In Fire  A 2-alarm fire completely destroyed Rex's Hardware Store, causing an estimated $1 million in damage

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