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B. 06-24 25-year-old man killed SF Marina
06-24 Santa Cruz Chancellor jumps to her death South of Market
D. 06-24 Bonds hits No. 719 Pac Bell Park
E. 06-24 Moss launches juice franchise in W. Va. Raiders
5. 06-24 Teen died as car hit tree and caught fire Danville
G. 06-24 Police shot drug suspect SF Mission


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Morning News

Jun.24   SF Marina   25-year-old man killed  Darren Mears was killed just after midnight on the Marina Green

Day News

  South of Market     Santa Cruz Chancellor jumps to her death
  Denice Dee Denton, 46, the controversial chancellor of the UC Santa Cruz, jumped from the 44th floor
 Her body was found outside the Paramount apartments on Mission Street at Third, tallest apartment for rent in San Francisco, where he partner lives The outspoken lesbian had the university foot $600,000 in renovations to her campus home Her partner, Gretchen Kalonji, was hired to work for the UC at a six-figure salary. Denton was appointed as the 9th chancellor of UC Santa Cruz, and assumed office on Feb. 14, 2005.

  Pac Bell Park     Bonds hits No. 719
  Bonds hit a two-run shot to right-center in the first inning of the game against the Oakland Athletics

  Raiders   Moss launches juice franchise in W. Va.  Inta Juice sells more than 50 flavors of fruit smoothies and fresh juices

  Danville   Teen died as car hit tree and caught fire  17-year-old Andrew Maute died from multiple blunt impact and trauma and skull fractures on McCauley Rd

Evening News

  SF Mission   Police shot drug suspect
  A suspect is suffering life-threatening wounds. He allegedly drove at police

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