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Main Event: 3 children died in fire
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06-02 3 children died in fire Richmond
C. 06-02 Two Shot Western Addition
D. 06-02 House Continues To Slide Oakland


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Day News

Jun.2   Richmond   3 children died in fire
  A 2-alarm fire in a single-family townhouse claimed the lives of three young siblings
 Firefighters found a fully involved fire in the downstairs kitchen 2girls and a boy, ages 6 to 10, unconsciously huddled together under a blanket in a 2nd-story bedroom They died from smoke inhalation. The children's grandmother survived with smoke inhalation injuries

  Western Addition   Two Shot  2 young men were wounded several blocks from each other and one hour apart

  Coliseum Minnesota 2, Oakland 1  Santana pitched 8 innings of 2-hit bal

Evening News

  Oakland   House Continues To Slide  The ground underneath a house continues to move. The neighbors are removing their possessions

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