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Crime Main Event: 2 Found Slain In Home
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B. 06-14 eBay will add phone sales link eBay
2. 06-14 Police Investigate Church Vandalism Petaluma
3. 06-14 Murder Suspect's Cousin To Help Police Moraga
E. 06-14 Google Buying Headquarters For $319M Mountain View
06-14 2 Found Slain In Home Millbrae
6. 06-14 14-Year-Old Boy Gunned Down Richmond
H. 06-14 Dellums Lead For Mayor Still Below 50% Oakland City Hall
I. 06-14 Bonds belts No. 717 San Francisco
J. 06-14 Mariners 2, A's 7 Coliseum


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Morning News

Jun.14   eBay eBay will add phone sales link  EBay Inc. plans to introduce its Skype Internet calling service so that buyers and sellers can communicate by voice

Day News

  Petaluma   Police Investigate Church Vandalism
  Vandals have hit St. Vincent's Church each of the last three days. Stained glass windows were smashed

  Moraga   Murder Suspect's Cousin To Help Police  The Moraga cousin of Nevada murder suspect Darren Roy Mack, is urging Darren to surrender peacefully

  Mountain View Google Buying Headquarters For $319M  Google Inc. is buying its headquarters for $319 million, a cluster of buildings revered as the 'Googleplex'

Evening News

  Millbrae   2 Found Slain In Home
  Police checking on a woman who failed to show up at work discovered the bodies of a man and woman

  Richmond   14-Year-Old Boy Gunned Down
  The boy was standing on the street when a vehicle pulled up and 2 gunmen got out, fired several rounds

  Oakland City Hall   Dellums Lead For Mayor Still Below 50%  Former Congressman held onto his lead in the race after a ninth day of vote-counting came to an end

  San Francisco     Bonds belts No. 717  The home run sparked the Giants to an 11-4 victory over the Diamondbacks

  Coliseum Mariners 2, A's 7  Haren pitched 7 strong innings for Athletics' season-high sixth straight victory

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