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Crime Main Event: South African wins Maveric...
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B. 02-07 County To Pay Hell's Angels $1 Million San Jose
2. 02-07 Armed Standoff Richmond
D. 02-07 Chiron Cleared in SEC Investigation Emeryville
E. 02-07 Officer photo misidentified SF Chronicle
02-07 South African wins Mavericks Contest Half Moon Bay
6. 02-07 Accused Cop Killer Pleads Not Guilty East Palo Alto
H. 02-07 School exposed to tuberculosis Daly City
8. 02-07 Trial Begins In 'Nutcase' Murders Oakland


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Morning News

Feb.7   San Jose   County To Pay Hell's Angels $1 Million
  Santa Clara County to settled a lawsuit after police shot and killed three guard dogs during raids

  Richmond   Armed Standoff
  Police deployed a concussion grenade and arrested the suspect, who spent the night in his car with a weapon

  Emeryville Chiron Cleared in SEC Investigation  Regulators have decided not to sanction the company following a probe into the suspension of its flu vaccine license

  SF Chronicle Officer photo misidentified  A large photograph used in a story about a police officer with an extensive history of violence was misidentified

Day News

  Half Moon Bay   South African wins Mavericks Contest
  Grant 'Twiggy' Baker was crowned king of the waves. The 24 contestants had only 24 hours' notice to arrive

  East Palo Alto   Accused Cop Killer Pleads Not Guilty  A known gang member Alberto Alvarez, 22, accused of shooting a police officer a month ago pleaded not guilty

  Daly City     School exposed to tuberculosis  Benjamin Franklin Intermediate School employee tested positive for the disease

Evening News

  Oakland   Trial Begins In 'Nutcase' Murders  Police accuse 'nutcases' of many killings and robberies, using the video game Grand Theft Auto for inspiration

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