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Fire Main Event: Suspicious five small fires
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09-17 Suspicious five small fires Redwood City
C. 09-17 Katrina Refugees Cross Picket Line San Francisco
D. 09-17 Double Fatal Shooting East Oakland
4. 09-17 2-Alarm Union Square Hotel Fire SF Downtown
F. 09-17 Fishermen Float To Shore After Boat Sinks San Francisco
G. 09-17 Vizquel, bullpen keep Giants hopes alive Pac Bell Park
7. 09-17 2-alarm structure fire Alameda
I. 09-17 Woman died after SUV hit her San Jose
9. 09-17 Fire at Watson Park San Jose Downtown


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Morning News

Sep.17   Redwood City   Suspicious five small fires
  The Fire Department is investigating a string of fires that were set at apartment buildings

Day News

  San Francisco   Katrina Refugees Cross Picket Line
  The refugees are being used as replacement workers for striking personnel at California Pacific Medical Center

  East Oakland   Double Fatal Shooting
  Police came upon two men who had been shot multiple time

  SF Downtown   2-Alarm Union Square Hotel Fire  The fire at the King George Hotel possibly started in a shed that was storing chairs

  San Francisco     Fishermen Float To Shore After Boat Sinks  2 fishermen are back on dry land after their boat sank off the coast of San Francisco

  Pac Bell Park Vizquel, bullpen keep Giants hopes alive  Vizquel singled home the go-ahead run in the bottom of the 8th inning and the Giants toppled the Dodgers, 2-1

  Alameda 2-alarm structure fire  The fire caused a $350,000 in damages and closed 2 businesses in the 2-story building that burned

Evening News

  San Jose Woman died after SUV hit her  The woman fell and hit her head after a Dodge Durango hit a shopping cart she was pushing

  San Jose Downtown Fire at Watson Park  The park wasn't open when the two-alarm fire started

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