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Accidents Main Event: Toddler Killed By Train
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B. 11-21 Stem Cell Researchers Leave For Asia Stanford
2. 11-21 Home Destroyed In Fire San Pablo
3. 11-21 Grass and brush fire San Francisco
11-21 Toddler Killed By Train San Jose
5. 11-21 Robber Arrested After HIV Syringe Threat San Francisco
G. 11-21 Grand Prix Bike Race Cancelled San Francisco


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Morning News

Nov.21   Stanford     Stem Cell Researchers Leave For Asia  2 government biologists have decided to work in Singapore, saying they will face fewer restrictions

  San Pablo   Home Destroyed In Fire  There was a series of explosions because a large amount of ammunition was stored inside the hom

  San Francisco Grass and brush fire  The fire is Golden Gate National Recreation Area not far from the Veterans Administration Hospital

Day News

  San Jose   Toddler Killed By Train
  2-year-old boy climbed out of his stroller to follow his babysitter across the tracks

  San Francisco   Robber Arrested After HIV Syringe Threat
  Jonathan Black, 24, robbed a Banana Republic store wielding a syringe he claimed was filled with HIV-positive blood

  San Francisco   Grand Prix Bike Race Cancelled  The race has been canceled for next year after organizers could not reach an agreement with City Hall

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