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Business Main Event: Bishop sanctioned after...
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B. 05-07 Witnesses, Police Clash Over Shooting Western Addition
2. 05-07 PalmOne Launches Retail Stores Palm
05-07 Bishop sanctioned after marrying gay San Francisco
4. 05-07 Intel to focus on dual-core processors Intel
5. 05-07 Raiders hired 'Apprentice' contestant Raiders
G. 05-07 First-ever gorilla lung surgery SF Zoo
7. 05-07 Petitioners put temporary halt to IKEA Dublin
I. 05-07 A's 11, Twins 9 (13 innings) Coliseum


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Morning News

May.7   Western Addition   Witnesses, Police Clash Over Shooting  Witnesses and police told different stories about chase that ended with one man dead in Western Addition

  Palm PalmOne Launches Retail Stores  PalmOne Inc. faced with slumping sales of once a must-have consumer gadget

Day News

  San Francisco   Bishop sanctioned after marrying gay
  The Diocese of California has sanctioned Rev. Otis Charles for marrying his same-sex partner during a church ceremony

  Intel   Intel to focus on dual-core processors
  Intel has canceled an existing project so that efforts can be focused on a more advanced technology

  Raiders   Raiders hired 'Apprentice' contestant  Nick Warnock, 27, made it to the final episodes of Donald Trump's hit reality show

Evening News

  SF Zoo   First-ever gorilla lung surgery  The surgery has gone well, and officials are hoping for a thorough and speedy recovery for the silverback known as Kubi

  Dublin Petitioners put temporary halt to IKEA  Opponents of a proposed furniture store gathered appear to have enough signatures to temporarily stop the store

  Coliseum A's 11, Twins 9 (13 innings)  Byrnes slugged a 2-run homer off Mulholland

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