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1. 05-04 Safeway's quarter earning drop by 73% Pleasanton
2. 05-04 188 city employees could lose their jobs San Jose City Hall
D. 05-04 Man allegedly shot his ex-roommate Vallejo
E. 05-04 Bank robbed at gunpoint East Palo Alto
F. 05-04 9-year-old skateboarder hit by vehicle unsuccessful, Benicia
05-04 Mountain lion mauled 2 horses? Stanford
H. 05-04 Bonds out because of sinus infection Giants
8. 05-04 Proposed $725.2 million budget cuts 12% San Jose City Hall
9. 05-04 $31 million for golf course and raw pasture Antioch


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Morning News

May.4   Pleasanton   Safeway's quarter earning drop by 73%  More than half of earnings evaporated during the bitter supermarket strike

  San Jose City Hall 188 city employees could lose their jobs  A budget proposal released by city officials aims to resolve the city's $70 million deficit

  Vallejo Man allegedly shot his ex-roommate  Police are looking for a 27-year-old Tom Silva who allegedly shot Twell Phillips, 21, in the chest

  East Palo Alto Bank robbed at gunpoint  A man demanded money and fled the California Bank and Trust

  Benicia 9-year-old skateboarder hit by vehicle  The 24-year-old driver attempted to swerve away from the girl but was unsuccessful

Day News

  Stanford     Mountain lion mauled 2 horses?
  The University is considering whether to send hunters into the hills surrounding the campus

  Giants     Bonds out because of sinus infection  Barry was out of starting lineup, and said he hoped to miss only one game against the NY Mets

  San Jose City Hall Proposed $725.2 million budget cuts 12%  The city manager calls for more layoffs and imposes a new 911 telephone fee

  Antioch $31 million for golf course and raw pasture  A Southern California developer Richland Communities purchased the 2,156-acre Roddy Ranch

Evening News

  San Jose   Sharks earn berth in Conference finals
  Nabokov stopped 28 shots, and Sharks scored 3 goals in the 2nd period to finally finish off the Avalanche 3-1

  Coliseum Yankees 10, A's 8  Rodriguez went 3-for-4 with a homer and 4 RBI

  Livermore Lab Radioactivity 20 times regulatory level  Norm Buske, a physicist from The RadioActivist Campaign, collected samples around the lab

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