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B. 05-23 Man fatally shot Richmond
2. 05-23 Died when struck by multiple vehicles
3. 05-23 Fire led to clouds of chemicals released Santa Rosa
05-23 Phone Equipment Allegedly Vandalized Oakland
5. 05-23 9-year-old boy with asthma missing San Francisco
G. 05-23 Talks with ex-Giants QB Collins Raiders
7. 05-23 Cyclist going 30 mph before fatal crash Santa Clara
I. 05-23 Major relaunch of Yahoo Messenger Yahoo
J. 05-23 Athletics 3, Royals 2 (10 innings) Coliseum


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Morning News

May.23   Richmond   Man fatally shot  A Hispanic man was suffering from a gunshot wound to his upper torso and succumbed to his wounds

  Highway 80 Died when struck by multiple vehicles  50-year-old Maria Toscano died when she was struck on Interstate Highway 80

  Santa Rosa Fire led to clouds of chemicals released  The fire at West Coast Welders Supply

Day News

  Oakland   Phone Equipment Allegedly Vandalized
  SBC alleges that phone wires were cut at 6 neighborhood junction boxes during the first 2 days of a 4-day strike by operators

Evening News

  San Francisco   9-year-old boy with asthma missing
  Ronnie Howell is a light-skinned African-American, 4 feet tall and weighing 140 pounds

  Raiders   Talks with ex-Giants QB Collins  Collins met with Raiders officials for 2 days and has been in touch with the team in recent days

  Santa Clara   Cyclist going 30 mph before fatal crash  A man appeared to be going downhill when failed to negotiate a curve and was thrown from his bike into a guardrail post

  Yahoo Major relaunch of Yahoo Messenger  The company dubbed this latest update the 'All New Yahoo! Messenger'

  Coliseum Athletics 3, Royals 2 (10 innings)  Byrnes ' single with one out scored Crosby with the winning run

  Los Gatos Motorcyclist died on Highway 17  The motorcycle failed to negotiate a left curve, collided with a guardrail and was thrown from the motorcycle

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