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Accidents Main Event: Profit jumps 34%, but ...
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B. 05-18 Trust helped 1,000 first-time homebuyers San Jose
05-18 Profit jumps 34%, but analysts cautious HP
D. 05-18 Defendant testifies in Araujo trial Hayward
4. 05-18 Deer halts traffic Golden Gate Bridge
5. 05-18 Professor Zelnik dies in accident UC Berkeley
6. 05-18 Young boy injured in 2-alarm house fire Milpitas
H. 05-18 Big housing bond measure introduced SF City Hall
I. 05-18 Brown to run for state attorney general Oakland City Hall
9. 05-18 Gorilla dies at Zoo SF Zoo


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Morning News

May.18   San Jose Trust helped 1,000 first-time homebuyers  Out of the 1,000 aided more than 300 are teachers

Day News

  HP   Profit jumps 34%, but analysts cautious
  Hewlett-Packard Co. improved its outlook for the second half of the year

  Hayward   Defendant testifies in Araujo trial  Jason Cazares, charged with killing transgender teen, is telling jurors he did not attack the 17-year-old

  Golden Gate Bridge   Deer halts traffic  A deer ambled across the entire span, making its way from the Marin headlands to the Presidio. A patrol car escorted journey

  UC Berkeley   Professor Zelnik dies in accident  History professor Reginald Zelnik, 68, who defended Free Speech Movement protesters died in a campus traffic accident

  Milpitas   Young boy injured in 2-alarm house fire  A young boy was in critical condition after firefighters rescued him during a 2-alarm house fire

  SF City Hall Big housing bond measure introduced  2 supervisors are co-sponsoring an affordable measure that would divide $185 million several different ways

  Oakland City Hall Brown to run for state attorney general  Former Gov has filed paperwork indicating he intends to run when his term as mayor ends in 2006

Evening News

  SF Zoo   Gorilla dies at Zoo
  A 29-year-old gorilla died less than 2 weeks after undergoing surgery to remove his diseased right lung

  Coliseum Tigers 5, A's 1  Guillen had a two-run triple

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