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Crime Main Event: Police officer arrested fo...
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1. 05-14 Sexually assaulted by intruder Santa Clara
2. 05-14 Anderson arraigned in courtroom San Jose
D. 05-14 25-year-old victim of fatal accident Bay Bridge
E. 05-14 Oracle shaves 18% off PeopleSoft bid Oracle
5. 05-14 Hit-and-run nanny pleaded not guilty Walnut Creek
G. 05-14 Rocket motor plant to close San Jose
05-14 Police officer arrested for sexual assault San Francisco
I. 05-14 Pirates 4, Giants 2 Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

May.14   Santa Clara Sexually assaulted by intruder  A man forced his way into the residence and awakened the 45-year-old woman

  San Jose Anderson arraigned in courtroom  Public defender requested putting off what will likely be a not-guilty plea for another 2 weeks

  Bay Bridge 25-year-old victim of fatal accident  A car traveling in excess of 100 mph, collided with a Caltrans truck that was in one of the 3 coned lanes

Day News

  Oracle   Oracle shaves 18% off PeopleSoft bid
  Business software maker reduced its hostile takeover bid for a rival to $7.7

  Walnut Creek   Hit-and-run nanny pleaded not guilty  Jimena Barreto, 45, accused in the deaths of two children last fall has pleaded not guilty to all charges

  San Jose   Rocket motor plant to close  A Pratt & Whitney Space Propulsion plant is shutting down. 600 jobs will be lost as the facility

Evening News

  San Francisco   Police officer arrested for sexual assault
  Inspector Wilfredo Gonzalez, 38, has been arrested in connection with a 2002 sexual assault

  Pac Bell Park Pirates 4, Giants 2  Daryle Ward homered for the second straight game

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