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05-10 SUV overturned: Girl dead, 3 injured Walnut Creek
C. 05-10 One person killed in shooting East Oakland
D. 05-10 Dead after shooting Ingleside
E. 05-10 New acting warden San Quentin
F. 05-10 Built-To-Order Gaming PC HP
G. 05-10 Hit-and-run driver released after 9 months Palo Alto
7. 05-10 2-alarm fire San Francisco
8. 05-10 2-alarm fire at church damaged kitchen Santa Clara
J. 05-10 revised Google


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Morning News

May.10   Highway 680     SUV overturned: Girl dead, 3 injured Map of Interstate 680 Walnut Creek
  The SUV, in which 4 children and 4 adults were riding, overturned approximately 4 times on northbound I-680

  East Oakland   One person killed in shooting  One person was shot in the chest and was pronounced dead at the scene

  Ingleside   Dead after shooting  On arrival in Ingleside District officers found bullet casings and the body of a man

  San Quentin New acting warden  Jill Brown was named after the former warden, Jeanne Woodford, was promoted to director of the Department of Corrections

  HP Built-To-Order Gaming PC  Hewlett-Packard is seeking to take advantage of the fast-growing video game market

  Palo Alto Hit-and-run driver released after 9 months  Megan Coughran, 19, was responsible for a deadly hit and run accident last year

  San Francisco 2-alarm fire  The fire, which started in the rear area of the roof of 3-story structure, took nearly an hour to get under control

  Santa Clara 2-alarm fire at church damaged kitchen  The rest of the church only received smoke damage

Day News

  Google revised  Internet search engine leader is continuing a flurry of improvements that has coincided with competition from Yahoo!

  Oakland Hills   Fire Sparks Warning  A fire burned up a hillside. The flames were sparked when high winds blew a eucalyptus tree into a power line

  Intel 3 processors launched for laptops  The chip-making giant widened its mobile technology marketing blitz to include both consumers and businesses

Evening News

  Port of Oakland   Truckers stop protesting at Port  The majority of the independent truckers protesting contract negotiations were back at work

  Redwood City Judge Considers Change of Venue  Prosecutors are fighting to keep the Peterson trial in Redwood City. Geragos wants to move the trial to county of LA

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