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Crime Main Event: Washington ends undefeated...
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B. 03-06 Employees reached agreement with Port Port of Oakland
C. 03-06 Mayor vetoing partial ban on demolishing SF City Hall
D. 03-06 Dead after crashing through barricade SF Presidio
4. 03-06 3 held in theft of cremated remains Hayward
03-06 Washington ends undefeated dreams Stanford
6. 03-06 Police officer shot during struggle East Oakland
7. 03-06 Police killed despondent man San Jose Downtown
8. 03-06 Judge charged with buying sex Oakland


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Morning News

Mar.6   Port of Oakland   Employees reached agreement with Port  A strike has been averted, after being at the bargaining table for the last 3 days

  SF City Hall Mayor vetoing partial ban on demolishing  Newsom is vetoing a partial ban on demolishing the older residential buildings, promising to help low-income tenants

  SF Presidio Dead after crashing through barricade  46-year-old man was crashing his vehicle through a wire barricade along Lincoln Avenue

Day News

  Hayward 3 held in theft of cremated remains  Nathaniel Reed, 21, Jason Lind, 24, and Jessica Bonham, 21, were allegedly sneaking into a cemetery and stealing 6 urns

Evening News

  Stanford   Washington ends undefeated dreams
  The top-ranked lost for the first time this season, falling 75-62

  East Oakland   Police officer shot during struggle
  Thomas Soto was shot with his own gun during a routine traffic stop, but was expected to recover

  San Jose Downtown   Police killed despondent man
  Officers shot and killed a man who had been threatening to kill himself after he turned the weapon toward them

  Oakland Judge charged with buying sex  A 76-year-old was charged with a misdemeanor count of trying to buy sex from an undercover officer

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