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03-05 Fagan Sr. declared 'factually innocent' San Francisco
C. 03-05 Injured in shooting Santa Rosa
D. 03-05 City lawyers defend same-sex marriages SF City Hall
4. 03-05 Friends Blame Police for Bystander Death San Francisco
F. 03-05 FedEx, UC to jointly fund fellowships UC Berkeley
6. 03-05 38-year-old elephant to be euthanized SF Zoo
H. 03-05 Plans to build $40-million fiber optic system Palo Alto
I. 03-05 City Doesn't Need to Obey Unfair Laws SF City Hall
9. 03-05 Structure fire Rohnert Park


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Morning News

Mar.5   San Francisco     Fagan Sr. declared 'factually innocent'
  A former high-ranking city police officer became the 5th of the Fajita-gate defendants to receive Judge Tsenin's finding

  Santa Rosa Injured in shooting  Several patrons of a bar were standing outside when they were confronted by a group of suspects

  SF City Hall City lawyers defend same-sex marriages  Lawyers: Preventing city from performing gay weddings would 'undermine this system of government'

Day News

  San Francisco   Friends Blame Police for Bystander Death
  The friends of Mari Sachs, killed by a man fleeing from police, claim the officers in pursuit are to blame for her death

  UC Berkeley   FedEx, UC to jointly fund fellowships  University and FedEx will jointly fund fellowships for students shut out of competing for a Fulbright fellowship

  SF Zoo     38-year-old elephant to be euthanized  Officials will euthanize a suffering Asian elephant whose quality of life has diminished with failing health

  Palo Alto Plans to build $40-million fiber optic system  The city is hoping to move forward with plans to deliver high-speed Internet, movies, and TV to homes and businesses

  SF City Hall City Doesn't Need to Obey Unfair Laws  Lawyers for the city have told the state Court that the constitution does not require local officials to obey unfair laws

  Rohnert Park Structure fire  2 unoccupied apartments were affected, one with water, smoke and fire damage, the other with only water damage

  East San Jose Man found dead  A body has been found dead in a house in the East Foothills

Evening News

  Oracle Arena New Jersey 78, Warriors 74  The Nets held the Golden State scoreless for nearly the last 4 minutes

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