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03-14 Sex Offender: Public Should Not Fear Him East Oakland
C. 03-14 Golden Gate Transit May Take Ferry Out Marin County
D. 03-14 Man died after suffering gunshot wound North Richmond
4. 03-14 2-alarm fire labeled as suspicious Hercules
5. 03-14 Died after head-on collision Pittsburg
6. 03-14 17-year-old boy presumed drowned Pacifica
7. 03-14 Man killed in head-on crash Napa
8. 03-14 Motorcyclist killed in accident San Leandro


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Mar.14   East Oakland   Sex Offender: Public Should Not Fear Him
  Convicted Cary Verse has been followed around the Bay Area by protestors ever since his release from prison

  Marin County   Golden Gate Transit May Take Ferry Out  The passengers are facing possible service cuts as the district tries to deal with a multimillion budget deficit

  North Richmond   Man died after suffering gunshot wound  Arthur Stewart, 21, of San Pablo, died after suffering a wound to the chest in North Richmond

  Hercules 2-alarm fire labeled as suspicious  Officers found smoke coming from the lower floors of the 3-story brick building

  Pittsburg Died after head-on collision  A 59-year-old Normida Serquina died after a collision with a suspected drunken driver at the intersection

  Pacifica 17-year-old boy presumed drowned  Santiago Rodos-Reyes had been swept out to sea by a rip tide. 3 hour search failed to locate him

  Napa Man killed in head-on crash  The car 53-year-old was driving crossed into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a big rig

Evening News

  San Leandro Motorcyclist killed in accident  20-year-old man had been thrown from his motorcycle into a railing, then landed in a traffic lane

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