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Crime Main Event: 49ers 49, Chicago 7
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1. 09-07 Driver in carjacking thrown in trunk SF Mission
2. 09-07 Robbers shot through door to escape San Mateo
09-07 49ers 49, Chicago 7 Candlestick
4. 09-07 Conscientious Objector Found Guilty San Jose
F. 09-07 Earthquakes 2, Revolution 1 Spartan Stadium
G. 09-07 Arizona 9, San Francisco 6 Pac Bell Park
H. 09-07 Apartments burned, residents displaced Sunnyvale
8. 09-07 Body dumped on street after gunfire Berkeley
J. 09-07 1,000 crowded to hear Howard Dean San Jose


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Morning News

Sep.7   SF Mission   Driver in carjacking thrown in trunk  3 men stuck a male motorist in the trunk, and drove around with him for an hour and a half

  San Mateo Robbers shot through door to escape  Due to panic, 3 men who robbed a small supermarket shot through the glass doors to exit after the robbery

Day News

  Candlestick   49ers 49, Chicago 7
  Garcia passed for 229 yards and 2 touchdowns, and Hearst caught a TD pass

  San Jose   Conscientious Objector Found Guilty
  A Marine reservist Lance Corporal Stephen Funk was found guilty of unauthorized absence but innocent of desertion

  Spartan Stadium Earthquakes 2, Revolution 1  Donovan scored the game-winning goal in the 52nd minute

  Pac Bell Park Arizona 9, San Francisco 6  Finley had 4 hits for the second straight game

  Sunnyvale Apartments burned, residents displaced  More than a dozen people were forced out of their homes on by a 2-alarm fire. No one was injured

Evening News

  Berkeley   Body dumped on street after gunfire Map of and adeline st Berkeley  Witnesses heard gunfire and saw a man's body pushed from a car at Adeline St. and Alcatraz Ave.

  San Jose 1,000 crowded to hear Howard Dean  Dean spoke for approximately 40 minutes and raised more than $200,000 at the fundraiser

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