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Business Main Event: Gore Campaigns with Dav...
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09-19 Gore Campaigns with Davis San Francisco
2. 09-19 Larry Ellison is world 9th richest Oracle
D. 09-19 Woman body found, husband suspected Los Gatos
4. 09-19 Pierre Omidyar is world 29th richest eBay
F. 09-19 50 years to life for murder Oakland
6. 09-19 Tivo CEO Optimistic About DirecTV Ties Alviso
H. 09-19 Sikh taxi drivers protest killing San Carlos
I. 09-19 Saudi ambassador gives public address San Francisco
J. 09-19 Giants Playoff Tickets Snatched Up Pac Bell Park


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Morning News

Sep.19   San Francisco   Gore Campaigns with Davis
  They are giving each other an on-stage hug. The governor is accusing the Republican party of trying to steal elections

  Oracle     Larry Ellison is world 9th richest  Oracle Chairman and CEO has a net worth of $18 billion according to Forbes magazine

  Los Gatos   Woman body found, husband suspected  Donna Morrow disappeared from the Menlo Park home she shared with her husband Joe Morrow on Dec. 19, 1991

  eBay Pierre Omidyar is world 29th richest  EBay Inc. founder has a net worth of $6.9 billion according to Forbes magazine

  Oakland 50 years to life for murder  Derryl Easter, 20, was sentenced for murdering a restaurant owner during a carjacking in 2001

Day News

  Alviso Tivo CEO Optimistic About DirecTV Ties  Michael Ramsey said that DirecTV would be better armed to fend off rival EchoStar while teamed with Tivo

  San Carlos Sikh taxi drivers protest killing  Hundreds of drivers pledged to end what they perceive to be hate crimes

  San Francisco Saudi ambassador gives public address  Prince Bandar insisted his country stands firmly against terrorism, despite criticism from Capitol Hill

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park   Giants Playoff Tickets Snatched Up  Fans started camping out right after the Giants clinched the National League West title

  SF City Hall Resolution would ask owners not to declaw  City residents may soon be asked by city supervisors not to declaw their cats

  Walnut Creek BART installs new fare gates  The new gates can process tickets faster than the older models, and will accept wrinkled tickets

  Coliseum Seattle 6, Athletics 1  Martinez scored twice and drove in a run

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