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Business Main Event: Care not Cash turned do...
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B. 09-16 Man accused of killing with hammer Redwood City
C. 09-16 Shot and killed East Oakland
3. 09-16 Windows-displacing software Sun
E. 09-16 Woman flees mugger gets shot East Oakland
09-16 Care not Cash turned down SF City Hall
6. 09-16 New notebooks, which are overtaking PCs Apple
7. 09-16 Move to Sell Booze at Gas Stations San Jose Downtown
8. 09-16 Mexican Independence Day Celebration San Jose
9. 09-16 Strategy to improve processors Intel


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Morning News

Sep.16   Redwood City   Man accused of killing with hammer  Police have said that 26-year-old Luis Salvador Perez Luis admitted hitting Kimberly Lee repeatedly in the head

  East Oakland   Shot and killed  25-year- old Nathaniel Holt is Oakland's 93rd homicide victim so far this year

  Sun Windows-displacing software  The Sun Java Desktop system runs on the open-source Linux operating system

  East Oakland Woman flees mugger gets shot  Mugger was attempting to rob the woman at gunpoint. She attempted to run away and the robber shot the woman

Day News

  SF City Hall     Care not Cash turned down
  Supervisor Newsom failed to muster the 6 votes needed to revive his Care not Cash homeless plan

  Apple   New notebooks, which are overtaking PCs  Apple Computer expects to soon be selling as many computer laptops as desktops

  San Jose Downtown Move to Sell Booze at Gas Stations  City Council voted to lift a ban on gas station beer and wine sales. The measure passed on a 6 to 4 vote

  San Jose Mexican Independence Day Celebration  Mariachi bands played and people paraded down the streets

  Intel Strategy to improve processors  Semiconductor giant outlined a strategy to improve the security, reliability and scope of computing

Evening News

  Pac Bell Park     Giants 4, San Diego 2  Bonds hit his 656th career home run and Williams pitched into the 8th inning

  SFO   Low Ridership in BART to SFO  Bay Area Rapid Transit may have to cut back service on its new extension. Planners seeing only 25,000 daily trips

  San Francisco Lakota Sioux men paddled from Alcatraz  2 men who recently learn to swim, paddled to SF in an effort to promote healthy living among American Indians

  Oakland City Hall Reward money increased to $10,000  City officials announced a new program to increase rewards for tips that help catch killers

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