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Accidents Main Event: Plane crashses at show...
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B. 09-13 Man died after shooting Oakland Downtown
2. 09-13 Injury crash ground traffic to halt Dumbarton Bridge
D. 09-13 Man stabbed 6 times Rohnert Park
4. 09-13 200 acre grass fire Dublin
F. 09-13 Milwaukee 5, San Francisco 4 Pac Bell Park
G. 09-13 Kids swam the Carquinez Strait Crockett
09-13 Plane crashses at show, pilot walks away Moffett Field
8. 09-13 2 injured by suspected drunk driver South SF


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Morning News

Sep.13   Oakland Downtown   Man died after shooting  A bullet struck man in the head across from a nightclub, which became the scene of a large fight and more gunfire

  Dumbarton Bridge Injury crash ground traffic to halt  CHP shut down traffic in both directions so that a helicopter could land on the bridge and evacuate the victims

Day News

  Rohnert Park   Man stabbed 6 times  Scott Geopfert, 20, was surrounded by gang members. He remains in critical condition after being beaten and knifed

  Dublin   200 acre grass fire  Fire was just outside the city limits. It was contained a few hours later

  Pac Bell Park Milwaukee 5, San Francisco 4  Sexson hit a pair of 2-run homers

  Crockett Kids swam the Carquinez Strait  Members of the Crockett Swim Team are reviving an old local tradition and paying homage to ironworker Al Zampa

Evening News

  Moffett Field   Plane crashses at show, pilot walks away
  A small Curtis Pitts biplane doing aerial maneuvers at the Air Expo crashed, but the pilot was not seriously injured

  South SF 2 injured by suspected drunk driver  Joseph Laughlin Wertz, 41, was reportedly driving an uninsured Ford Ranger when he struck from behind a Toyota Camry

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