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Business Main Event: 1 dead in accident at U...
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1. 09-12 28% increase in quarterly profit 8 cents per, Oracle
C. 09-12 Donations to Catholic Charities down 60% San Francisco
D. 09-12 2 businessmen robbed at knifepoint South SF
09-12 1 dead in accident at United Technologies San Jose
F. 09-12 Amputee Rejoins SJSU Football Team SJSU
6. 09-12 Beatles' company sues over trademark Apple
7. 09-12 SF Activist Gets Settlement from Nike San Francisco
8. 09-12 Strike Averted at Hotels San Francisco
J. 09-12 Brushfire burned 30 acres Livermore Lab


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Morning News

Sep.12   Oracle   28% increase in quarterly profit Map of 8 cents per South San Mateo County  The business software maker earned $440 million, or 8 cents per share, matching Wall Street expectations

  San Francisco Donations to Catholic Charities down 60%  Donations to Catholic Charities Catholic Youth Organization have plummeted from $6.8 million in 1999 to $2.9 million

  South SF 2 businessmen robbed at knifepoint  Martin Joseph Yogya, 34, and Stephen Anthony Yogya, 29, are brothers traveling together on business

Day News

  San Jose   1 dead in accident at United Technologies
  A contract worker at an aerospace plant was killed while performing maintenance in an area where rocket fuels are mixed

  SJSU   Amputee Rejoins SJSU Football Team
  Neil Parry will play with the Spartans again after he broke his leg during a game in 2000 and had to have it amputated

  Apple   Beatles' company sues over trademark  Apple Corps Ltd. said Apple Computer violated a 1991 agreement by entering the music business with its iTunes

  San Francisco SF Activist Gets Settlement from Nike  Marc Kasky is claiming that Nike falsely claimed it was protecting labor rights at third-world factories

  San Francisco Strike Averted at Hotels  The union and the hotels reached a 6-month extension of a previous contract

  Livermore Lab Brushfire burned 30 acres  The wind blew a branch into a power line. 60 firefighters, 2 air tankers, a helicopter teamed up to put out the flames

Evening News

  San Francisco     Noel Still Behind Bars
  The corrections department will release Robert Noel sometime in the next few days

  Hillsborough   6-alarm fire
  The fire began at a house that was under construction and spread to the hills and surrounding area

  Pac Bell Park San Francisco 8, Milwaukee 2  Schmidt struck out 12 in his 15th win

  Oakland Downtown Historic Sweet's Ballroom Reopens  Professor William Sweet created the place. For 17 years it was closed

  San Jose Temperature hit 103  San Francisco hit a 92 degrees. In Pleasanton, the temperature was 105

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