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B. 05-09 Lightship might become state landmark Oakland Downtown
2. 05-09 Intel's Ottelini Sees Strong China Demand Intel
05-09 Laptops stolen from office of Angela Alioto SF Downtown
4. 05-09 Lopez named managing editor of CC Times Contra Costa County
F. 05-09 Ammonia leak at ice plant San Jose
6. 05-09 Janitors will get health insurance Genentech
7. 05-09 Price Tag for Santana Row Fire Goes Up West San Jose
8. 05-09 Judge sides with bank Wells Fargo
J. 05-09 4 jewelry heist suspects at-large Mill Valley


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Morning News

May.9   Oakland Downtown Lightship might become state landmark  A former Coast Guard vessel known as the Relief was built in 1950

  Intel Intel's Ottelini Sees Strong China Demand  Chip giant's President sees strong demand in the key Chinese market

Day News

  SF Downtown   Laptops stolen from office of Angela Alioto
  3 computers containing confidential campaign data were stolen from the offices of one of leading mayoral candidates

  Contra Costa County Lopez named managing editor of CC Times  Chris Lopez, 41, has been promoted to managing editor of Contra Costa Times Newspapers

  San Jose Ammonia leak at ice plant  A leak at Modern Ice and Cold Storage Co. forced more than 600 residents, mostly students, to stay indoors

Evening News

  Genentech     Janitors will get health insurance  Biotechnology giant volunteered to chip in for the health insurance costs of its janitors

  West San Jose   Price Tag for Santana Row Fire Goes Up  The blaze last August cased more than $100 million in damage, $10 million more than the last estimate

  Wells Fargo Judge sides with bank  A judge has upheld Wells's contention that federal law takes precedence over state law in mortgage interest dispute

  Mill Valley 4 jewelry heist suspects at-large  A male and female couple reportedly distracted Alexandria's Gallery employees while another couple stole 20 rings

  Coliseum Athletics 7, Yankees 2  Long's inside-the-park homer capped a 5-run 8th inning

  Siebel Inquiry from SEC  A regulation is aimed at preventing companies from selectively doling out important financial information

  East San Jose Police locked in standoff with felon  Officers are surrounding a house in which the suspect has been holed up

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