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Crime Main Event: Pottruck becomes sole CEO
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1. 05-07 Shot by police was son of radio personality San Jose Downtown
2. 05-07 Bomb threat Belmont
D. 05-07 Intel backs outlook, quantifies option cost Intel
4. 05-07 Two grifters arrested Palo Alto
05-07 Pottruck becomes sole CEO Schwab
G. 05-07 House explodes after gas line cut Cupertino
H. 05-07 Motorcyclists Rally for Rights SF City Hall
I. 05-07 PayPal stops payments for sex products eBay
9. 05-07 Ex-employee sentenced for taking bribes Livermore Lab


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Morning News

May.7   San Jose Downtown Shot by police was son of radio personality  Homero Campos had a history of drugs and was the son of an influential Spanish music radio program director

  Belmont Bomb threat  Vague male voice message left at real estate brokerage firm threatened businesses

  Intel Intel backs outlook, quantifies option cost  Microprocessor maker said expensing stock options would have cut first-quarter earnings by one-third

  Palo Alto Two grifters arrested  The grifters were posing as wealthy socialites and conning several people out of goods and services

Day News

  Schwab   Pottruck becomes sole CEO
  Charles Schwab, 65, continues as non-executive chairman as of shareholders meeting

  Cupertino   House explodes after gas line cut
  A house burst into flames after a construction crew working nearby using a boring machine severed a gas line

  SF City Hall   Motorcyclists Rally for Rights  Hundreds of motorcyclists are demanding legal sidewalk parking and separate laws for motorcycles and cars

  eBay   PayPal stops payments for sex products  Subsidiary of eBay will phases out payments for most adult-themed merchandise over the next 5 weeks

  Livermore Lab Ex-employee sentenced for taking bribes  Joseph Lupton, 59, who was a purchasing agent, admitted that he took between $10,000 and $15,000 in cash

  Petaluma Dairy workers reach settlement  8 workers sued Spaletta Family Ranch for unpaid wages and poor conditions. They will split $235,000

  Marin County Breast cancer related to alcohol  Alcohol consumption is correlated with breast cancer among women in Marin County

Evening News

  San Francisco   2 Killed when car collided with truck  2 persons in the car may have been killed when the car went across cones into a construction area

  San Jose Arrested for false terror threat to FBI  Hoda El Saidy, 44, an Egyptian citizen, is accused of naming several individuals as members of an alleged terrorist cell

  Coliseum White Sox 8, Athletics 4  Thomas had 4 hits

  San Francisco 5 schools honored for excelence  Schools have been honored by the California Dept. of Education for outstanding student performance

  Vallejo Attempted murder  18-year-old Fonotaga Tili is recovering from gunshot wounds

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